Hi my name is Angeline Pompei but my friends call me Angie!

I love cooking for friends and family.

I write past tense cook books for Learn English Fast®.

You can find all my cook books on Amazon.

Learn English Fast® With Angie's Kitchen!

Egg Recipes In The Past Tense: English/Spanish Edition

Learn English Fast® With My Bilingual Cook Books!

Learning a language is hard. The best way to learn a language is to incorporate it in your everyday life.

Eggs recipes are the perfect ingredient to practice English. We can bake eggs, fry them, boil them, beat them, have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We can make them in a sandwich, as a complimentary side ingredient or it can be the main ingredient in a meal.

If you are not interested in learning English guess what, it's great bilingual reading material to practice reading in Spanish, French or Italian as well if you are interested!

Buy my book and become a BILINGUAL EGG CHEF!

I want a Bilingual Cookbook!

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